Resonance: Wilding Chelmsford

Wilding Chelmsford is a collaborative sound and visual installation to provoke thinking about our City and what it could become.

An empty retail unit in Meadows Shopping Centre will be transformed into an indoor garden playing host to an audio / visual installation.

The audio part will be an improvised piece composed live using modular and hardware synths making use of the cutting-edge technology of quadraphonic surround sound to create a truly immersive experience. Alongside this will be visuals taking images from the Chelmsford City Events Photo Competition in conjunction with computer generated art.

Bringing a sense of calm to a busy shopping centre and provoking conversations about how our lives, driven by consumption, is damaging the place we call home. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and with a new found energy to help build a better future.

Resonance will be collaborating with local artist Elspeth Manders who will be creating two murals to enhance the feeling of being within nature and many local poets and creative writers who will lend their voices and thoughts.

Wilding Chelmsford forms part of Chelmsford County Council’s Future City Project and is supported by Essex 2020. This is a free event and open to all ages. Covid 19 safety measures will be in place. Please ensure you are wearing a mask at all times when inside the installation and respect everyone’s space.

Music performed live by: Andrew Wright and Chris Adam. AV equipment kindly provided by Spotlight Sound.

Poems written and performed by:
Essex Steamettes
Katie Deverell
Linda Middleton
Rebecca Hughes
Shane Ibbs

In partnership with:
Chelmsford City Council
Chelmsford Community Radio
Essex Book Festival
Essex Steamettes
Meadows Shopping Centre
Spotlight Sound
Writtle Agricultural College

Check the Facebook event page for the latest news.