Recycling our waste materials should be second nature to each and every one of us. In fact, the thought of wasting materials that have the opportunity to become a new item or product is illogical.

Recycling is fantastic for the environment for three key reasons:

–  It saves! It saves energy from extracting raw materials, it saves money in disposal costs and it saves us having to use up more of our precious landfill space

–  It protects our ecosystems and wildlife from the terrible destruction and damage caused to our natural world from extraction raw materials

–  It conserves natural resources, such as ancient woodlands which are chopped down for paper and wood, and it conserves oil, which in turn reduces the amount of polluting single-use plastics in circulation

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Chelmsford residents have embraced the City Council’s comprehensive recycling services and on-the-whole, we display passion in ensuring that our household waste receives a new lease of life. Of course, we can always recycle more, and services can be expanded and improved to enable us to perform even better.

Chelmsford City Council operates recycling collection services to houses, flats and local businesses within the borough, from Ford End to the Leighs, Runwell to South Woodham Ferrers and everything in between.

We can easily recycle our paper, cardboard, plastics, cartons, cans, glass and food waste, using the City Council’s collection services. Additionally, houses can recycle small electrical items and reusable clothing and paired shoes with their green box and take advantage of a year-round garden waste collection service for grass clippings and hedge cuttings.

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Recycle-on-the-go bins have been installed throughout the City Centre to capture our waste packaging whilst outside of our homes.

Further information on Chelmsford City Council’s recycling services, such as ‘Check your collection day’, ‘Order a new bin, box or sack’ and ‘Recycling and waste collections for business’ can be found here

recycling collection vehicles
Recycle at home, at work or on-the-go

The reason Chelmsford City Council asks residents to separate their waste is to ensure that the materials collected and sorted are of high quality. Not all councils ask their residents to do this, so it might surprise you if you have moved here recently.

By collecting separated recyclable materials, the City Council can be sure that the waste materials collected are clean and free from contamination (items that aren’t accepted). This ensures that Chelmsford collects high quality, clean material that is in high demand by recycling factories. In fact, after collection the City Council further separate our waste materials, such as sorting the different types of plastics or identifying aluminium from steel cans, before bailing them up ready for transport.

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This process means that our waste materials are more likely to be recycled at local factories within the UK and be made into high quality products. The money earnt from selling our recycled materials to local recycling factories part-funds waste collection services in Chelmsford, meaning there’s more public money available to support other local services like developing Chelmsford’s road network or improving public health.

recycling on the go chelmsford
Why does recycling in Chelmsford have to be separated?

Essex County Council operate and are responsible for the two Recycling Centres in Chelmsford. They accept lots of items that can’t be recycled at home, such as paint, wood, lightbulbs and household and car batteries.

There are two Recycling Centres in the borough, the first located behind the Sainsbury’s Superstore in North Springfield, the second located along Ferrers Road in South Woodham Ferrers.

Further details their location and the waste materials they accept can be found here.

recycling centre chelmsford
Chelmsford Recycling Centres and hard to recycle items

–  Businesses can save money by recycling more of their waste. This is because there is no disposal fee attached to the recycling of materials. Reducing waste and recycling is also great for brand image. Contact for a quote

–  Flats and apartments are entitled to a free reusable bag to help carry waste materials to the communal bin area. Contact to order yours

– Bras can now be recycle at the Bravissimo store on Bond Street. Click here to find out more.

–  When recycling plastic bottles, please wash, squash and pop the lid back on. By expelling the air from the bottle, you are helping to save space in the collection vehicles

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–  Keep on crushing your cans in Chelmsford. Again, you are helping to save space in the collection vehicles

–  If you don’t have a home compost bin, recycle all of your food waste, cooked or raw, in your food waste recycling bin. It is recycled into biogas that helps to power our homes, and into a soil improver, which fertilises land to grow more food

–  If you wish to recycle or dispose of a large item and are unable to take it to a Recycling Centre, you can request a special collection from Chelmsford City Council – fees apply

bailed plastic recycling
Recycling top tips