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Hylands estate
hylands estate
Hylands estate

Conservation Volunteer Scheme

If you’re looking for things you can do to help wildlife, or you want to get involved with your local parks and nature reserves, either on your own or with your family, then come join us as and when you have free time. You don’t need to make a regular commitment to projects, you can just sign up and take part when you have available time to offer.

Whatever your reason for thinking about volunteering, we would love to hear from you. We have projects running most days of the week throughout the year, many of which are within walking distance.

Young people under 16 are welcome to volunteer with an adult/guardian. Just sign up for a park or local nature reserve near you, then come and join us to help conserve and improve it.

The volunteer groups are really welcoming, and everything you will need is provided. You’ll be given a choice of tasks and provided with full instructions. No machinery is used. We will even make you a hot drink with biscuits at the end of each session, so you have a chance to chat to the other volunteers!

Meet our Volunteers

It’s a great feeling at the end of the day when you look back at your work and see what you have achieved as a group

I have been volunteering with Chelmsford City Council Parks at Hylands for over 8 years. I thoroughly enjoy the variety of work whether it be coppicing trees, dead hedging, repairing footpaths and cutting back brambles to name but a few.  We also work at Galleywood Common, removing holly, bashing down bracken and clearing areas round the heather for it to thrive. At Sandford Mill we have helped create an education area including building a pond for the children to do pond dipping. What I particularly enjoy is working on ponds, donning waders and pulling out the ever encroaching roots and grasses! 

It’s a great feeling at the end of the day when you look back at your work and see what you have achieved as a group.  To sum it up it’s fun, it’s sociable, it’s physical, it’s rewarding, you’re learning new skills and we’re in the great outdoors! 

Trish, Parks volunteer

The tasks are organised, run and supervised efficiently

 Volunteering with Chelmsford City Council Parks offers an opportunity to be positive and meet like-minded people. Working outside in teams to the same objective gives chance of self-wellbeing and improvement plus you learn new practical skills as part of the deal and the active sessions help to keep you in shape. 

The tasks are organised, run and supervised efficiently with tooling and protective clothing provided enabling sessions at the designated council green space sites and parks. Joining the programme for area improvement brings awareness and appreciation to your local environment, so that’s an education within itself. 

It’s not so much about being a successful volunteer but rather someone of value.

Chris, Parks volunteer 

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If you would like to find out more about our conservation volunteer scheme, please get in touch and we will contact you shortly.
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