I would like to plant a tree in memory of a loved one, who should I contact?

Please refer to the donations section, all the information you need is available here.

Sponsorships & Donations

I want to report an issue about a park, green space, tree, equipped play area in Chelmsford, etc. Who should I contact?

Please contact us and we will respond to your enquiry within five working days.

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I would like to organise an event in a park, who do I contact?

Please refer to the section ‘Use or Hire a Green Space’ for all the information you need.

Use or Hire a Green Space

Can I fly a drone in parks and open spaces?

No, flying drones and model aircraft is not permitted in Chelmsford parks and green spaces, on the grounds of protection of privacy, public safety and protection of wildlife.


Who is responsible for the rivers in the parks and green spaces?

The river and river water is the responsibility of the Environment Agency. The maintenance and management of the river banks is the responsibility of the adjoining land owner, which in most parks and green spaces in Chelmsford, is the Chelmsford City Council.

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Can I have a barbeque in the park?

No, barbeques and fires are not permitted in parks and green spaces on the grounds of fire and public safety.


Lost property

If you believe you have lost an item in one of our parks, please contact us.

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Grassland Maintenance Strategy - your questions answered

We have adopted a new Grassland Maintenance Strategy to reduce the frequency of grass cutting and act on climate change.


What to expect from us

  • When you contact us, our staff will be courteous, attentive to your enquiry and will seek to respond to you quickly and efficiently.
  • During the grass cutting season (i.e. from 1st April to end of November) grass will be cut in residential areas usually once every 3 weeks (including residential highway verges and highway/junction sightlines).
  • Rural highway verges will be cut twice per annum (a mower width on the 1st cut in late May/June and a full cut in late August/September). Where possible and highway safety permits, wildflower areas will only be cut once per annum in late August/September.
  • We will maintain shrub beds to keep them clear of weeds and to remove overhanging vegetation.
  • Wildlife and nature conservation areas will have their own maintenance routines in accordance with specific local management plans.
  • Hedges in residential areas will be cut at least once per annum and managed appropriately to ensure that routes and pathways are not unduly obstructed. We will only cut outside the bird nesting period (bird nesting is usually from early March until end of July).
  • Trees will be inspected regularly and maintained in accordance with the City Council’s Tree Management Policy.
  • Enquiries about street trees should be referred to Essex County Council Highways Department (http://www.essex.gov.uk/highwayfaultreporting)
  • We will provide sport facilities which are safe to use and appropriate for the level of user, working to relevant national standards.
  • Play areas and equipment will be inspected regularly and maintained to British/European Standards Specifications (BS EN).
  • We will clear litter and empty litter bins once a day in our busiest parks and once a week in smaller parks. We also clear litter when mowing grass and maintaining shrub beds.