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A key action in ‘Our Chelmsford Our Plan’ and the ‘Climate and Ecological Emergency Declaration Action Plan’ is to undertake a greening programme to significantly increase the amount of woodland and the proportion of tree cover in Chelmsford through a sustained ten year tree planting campaign.

In addition to the 31,500 young woodland trees (whips) planted since 2018, a further 16,600 whips and some 600 standard trees are set to be planted throughout the borough this planting season (2021/22).

Planting takes place between November and March only, with aftercare for at least two following years. Trees are native British species, such as Oak, Wild cherry, Hazel, Alder, Scots Pine and Guelder rose and mixes are selected for each specific site. All young trees are whips, small seedlings, some 2 years old and grown in small pots that establish more easily than large trees. Aftercare includes removal of vegetation directly around each tree, putting down wood chip to act as a weed suppressant and some replanting if necessary.

Planting and aftercare sessions form part of our volunteer project programme, so if you would like to get involved this winter please contact us.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the tree planting, despite the rainy weather!

Aside from being a fun (albeit soggy) team building exercise, it was a great opportunity for us to contribute to the ongoing improvements in our local area.

Looking across the field that day at our tiny saplings, it was encouraging to consider the environmental benefits of a future woodland, and to feel a sense of achievement that we, in a small way, were contributing to the future for Hylands Park.

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