Pond Maintenance

Hidden throughout Hylands Park there are more than 10 ponds and lakes which provide a great habitat for insects, fish, reptiles and amphibians. They are an important drinking water source for many other animals within the park. Many are hidden away in blocks of woodland and a lot are seasonal, so only contain water during the winter months. To keep these pond areas open they require maintenance. This involves removing vegetation, cutting back overhanging trees, removing logs and surveying.

The largest water body on site is the Serpentine. Maintenance of this involves stabilising the banks with Willow where they are becoming eroded and then cutting this Willow on an annual basis. The Icehouse Plantation pond is seasonal so we can cut it every year to clear trees that may be growing within it and to reduce the sponge effect of the vegetation. This work is mostly carried out by volunteers and it is something that they enjoy because all the pond areas are different. Species such as Water mint, Soft rush, Pendulous sedge and Reedmace are common in most of the ponds. We will continue to work to maintain the ponds to enhance them for wildlife