What is a Local Nature Reserve (LNR)?

  • LNRs help to protect habitats and species whilst allowing people to get close to nature and are supported by Natural England (This body advises the government about enhancing and protecting the natural world).
  • LNR status helps to protect green spaces for their importance in tackling climate change, declining biodiversity and for flood mitigation.


     Why make John Shennan Field an LNR?

  • John Shennan Field provides habitat for a range of wildlife including bats, birds, small mammals and much more.
  • This space allows people the opportunity to engage with the natural environment.
  • Getting LNR status will encourage more holistic management throughout the area shown on the map to enhance it for both people and wildlife and it is supported by Natural England. It also protects the land for future generations.


More information is available on our website loveyourchelmsford.co.uk.

If you have any comments on John Shennan Field becoming an LNR please let us know by emailing services.parks@chelmsford.gov.uk during the consultation period of 8 to 26 July 2024.