These owls are so little it’s in their name!
Little Owls are unsurprisingly the smallest of their kind in the whole of the UK: they stand at just 20cm tall and are adorably round.
FUN FACT: Thanks to their small size, they sometimes find a home in abandoned rabbit burrows and you may see even smaller ones in late spring and early summer when they start raising their young. They are active in the day, so keep an eye and ear out in your local woodlands.
Sadly, like many owls their population is in decline. The new ways that we manage our land should increase their habitats and their prey, which we hope will contribute to bringing their numbers back up by giving them some #SpaceToThrive.
This little one pictured above, is another rescue by the owl and birds of prey rescuer that our parks team have been working with. Littleport has been hand-reared since he was rescued as a young chick and is now on his journey to being released back into the wild.