Several team members of Chelmsford-based fire safety and security solutions business, Fisk Group, took to the water to help clear the ponds at Boleyn Gardens on Thursday 22 September.

The work was tough going, as together they donned their wellies, gloves and shears to cut back the overgrown reeds and remove any rubbish from the ponds.

Speaking about the experience, one member said:

“It was a great day. Being able to step away from the day job to do something that helps the local environment and keeps our parks in a great condition is very rewarding.

“We learned a lot too – there are so many habitats that rely on the maintenance of the ponds. Making sure that the biodiversity of the water and surrounding environment supports those habitats requires regular assistance from the volunteer community, which we’re proud to be part of.”

What are the benefits of businesses becoming involved?

Boleyn Gardens is steeped in history and a beautiful open green space for local families to visit. It also happens to be home to a wide variety of fish, insects, reptiles and amphibians.

To keep the ponds healthy and open, vegetation and logs must be removed, overhanging trees cut, and the water must be checked and emptied of any rubbish.

A few times a year, volunteers come together to do just this – not just at Boleyn Gardens but throughout Chelmsford and the surrounding area.

Speaking about why Fisk Group wanted to participate in the scheme:

“Businesses are in a great position to help because they can pull together small teams of people. Just doing this once or twice a year can make a big difference to local preservation projects of which there are plenty to participate in.”

Find out more about volunteering

If you or your business is interested in volunteering, we encourage you to visit the Love Your Chelmsford volunteer page.

There are lots of projects to choose from, including tree planting, conservation projects, allotment upkeep, gardening and litter picking.

Businesses can, of course, make a donation to the project or donate tools and materials. To find out more, simply contact the team.