Creamfields South

Creamfields, one of the world’s biggest electronic music promoters, are launching an all-new 50,000 capacity two-day camping festival in June 2022, which will see them bring their award-winning festival South to Hylands Park.

With the iconic Hylands House as its backdrop, the multi-stage festival will also give fans the chance to experience the colossal 15,000 capacity Steel Yard superstructure. The festival is scheduled to coincide with the 25-year celebrations of its award winning sister festival Creamfields Daresbury and will take place at Hylands Park from Thursday 2 June to Saturday 4 June.

For more information and to book tickets, visit the Hylands Estate website:

 See the 2022 Creamfields Visitor Map for more information about access to the park before, during and after the event.