Children, staff and parents of Class 1 at Chancellor Park  School had a wonderful morning at their local park at Brookend Gardens  working as a team to plant  wildflower plugs. With all of us working together along with the Chelmsford City Parks Team we managed to plant a very impressive 1,500 plugs in the parks small meadow.

Children listened carefully to a set of instructions about exactly how and where to plant their plugs, and were excited to be given the opportunity to wear special gardening gloves and to add the word ‘dibber’ to their vocabulary as they used these special gardening tools to make holes in the ground just big enough for their plants and their roots. It was a lovely chance to work together in the community, and make a tangible difference to a park which many of the children walk through every day on their way to school. The children are so excited to see the fruits of their labour and watch the plugs grow from tiny plants into beautiful blooms. Thank you so much to the Chelmsford City Parks Team for such a lovely opportunity!