As Covid restrictions relax, normal service has resumed for some of our volunteer groups.

At this time of year one of the most important jobs they are doing is looking after the many thousands of trees that have been planted during the winter months.  The majority of these trees are native whips and are around 2 years of age. As the sites they have been planted on have been fenced off and left untouched, these trees are competing with the surrounding vegetation to establish and survive.

Some of our volunteer sessions are visiting the sites, clearing the plant matter around the whips to allow air and sunlight to the reach the young trees and prevent them from suffocating.  A layer of wood chip, known as ‘mulch’ is then spread on top of the trees root system. This allows the tree to retain much needed water from evaporating in the hot summer months, as well as providing nutrients to the root system.

This aftercare is an essential part of tree planting, as it greatly increases the success rate of these young trees and allows these sites to flourish.

If you would like to join one of our volunteer groups and help with the much needed aftercare please contact us