Over 150 volunteers turned up last Saturday, 14 May for a Spring River Clean Up event organised by Love Your Chelmsford. The event aimed to reduce pollution and protect local wildlife habitat and waterways.

Volunteers gathered at Baddow Road Car Park and litter picked around River Chelmer and River Can, which covered areas surrounding the Essex Records Office, the city centre, all the way to Riverside Ice & Leisure Centre.

The volunteers were joined by Chelmsford Scuba Diving Club, Malborough House Civil EngineersChelmsford Midmay Rotary and Chelmsford Sea Cadets. The divers managed to retrieve multiple shopping trolleys, bicycles and street cones from the riverbed, as well as cans, plastics and glass, which were separated for recycling. Volunteers were then thanked for their generous efforts with free refreshments at the Driink Coffee Club located on Baddow Road.

Keeping Chelmsford clean and protecting the natural environment requires a community effort. We are all so fortunate to have so many residents, societies and local businesses that care to support the maintenance and improvement of Chelmsford and surrounding towns and villages.

If you wish to find out more about volunteering opportunities then please check out our volunteering page.