Chelmsford is lucky to be home to majestic birds of prey.
Recently the owls and birds of prey rescuer working with our Parks team has ‘ringed’ and released this Red Kite.
Bird Ringing is the attachment of a small tag to a wild bird so that we can identify it again at a later time, which helps experts track its movements and wider life.
Red Kites are just one of many birds of prey across the UK. While they live in woodlands – which we manage to give them plenty of #SpaceToThrive – they often search for food elsewhere, including suburban areas! So keep an eye on the sky on sunny days.
Red Kites used to be appreciated scavengers in our towns for their contribution to litter-picking. So much so that they were protected by law!
They love all things shiny and colourful, and even decorate their nests with them.
(Above: Image credit to Stephanie Callister Jarrold)