Prom Donations Call for Chelmsford CVS

At Love Your Chelmsford, we love to support Sustainable Fashion to help reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Local Chelmsford CVS are seeking donations of clean and undamaged prom dresses, suits, shoes and accessories for their Pop Up Boutique based in The Meadows Shopping Centre, Chelmsford.

Once stock is up to 4 racks full, the Pop Up will open and help a young person in need, or passionate about sustainable fashion and can come and browse for their perfect outfit! If you have the stock, or want more information on what can be donated, please contact the phone number 01245 351888.

The fashion industry is a global leader in contributing to environmental pollution. It’s time to make a change. Be a part of the solution – donate to give your amazing prom outfits and help make someone else’s prom day even more special.