Here at HOME, we have been attending sessions organised by Chelmsford City Parks for the last couple of years. We have carried out a wide range of activities such as litter picking in Central Park area of Chelmsford, tree planting over at Hylands Park and at John Shennan Field, tree aftercare, path clearing, and helping to reveal the Heather over at Galleywood Common.

We have attended activities in both winter and summer and regardless of the weather we have enjoyed every session. The main reason is the sense of achievement in giving back to the community around us, as well as getting out of the office into the fresh air and the team building that comes with each of these activities.

We are proud to see areas of our local area benefit from the work we have completed. Part of our company culture is to be more sustainable and as green as we can, so supporting and carrying out activities that in years to come will have a great impact on the local area is something that we will be continuing to support.

For 2022 we pledged 80 hours of community work and we have managed to achieve 85 hours. We will be looking to lend a helping hand and work with Chelmsford City Parks throughout 2023.