Have you wondered about solar energy for your community space?

Hanna’s Field Charity, that manages East Hanningfield Village Hall and Playing Fields, set about a solar project in 2021, with forward thinking to the end of their 3 year energy contract in 2024, whilst also taking into account the rising cost of energy.

In 2022, the electricity cost for the hall was 20% of the total running costs alone. Fast forward to April 2024, 140 solar panels were installed on the hall’s roof. This was recently celebrated with an Open Day at the hall on 20 April.

The project was completed with immense effort from the Charity, with fundraising and grants from; ACRE (Queen’s Platinum Jubilee VH Fund), Tom Amos Charity, CCC’s Greener Chelmsford Grant, EH Parish Council, J Gard’s Centenary Fund and EH Women’s Institute.

Now, 50Kw of emission-free electricity will be produced from the panels, and the Charity estimates to have a return on the investment in 5 years.

To read out more on the solar panel project visit the link here.
If your community group or charity wants to get involved in a project like this, why not check if you are eligible to receive the Greener Chelmsford Grant?