City Trees

Have you ever wondered what the green bags around newly planted trees is all about?

As part of the City Council’s greening programme, 204 street trees in winter 2019/20 and in excess of 180 the previous year. The first few years for a newly planted tree are tough. To help establish these trees they require extensive watering, especially during the dry spring and summer periods that we are experiencing. This is done by direct watering to the tree root system using a buried irrigation pipe, installed when the tree is planted and  by fitting a green 15 gallon  tree irrigation bag and topping up the bags with water weekly. The bags act like a large sponge and slowly release the water over a period allowing the water to gradually soak into the soil.  If you notice that the bag is empty don’t worry it is likely to be refilled very soon!  Paul is our member of staff who has been watering and caring for the trees very successfully over the past few years and here he is with the City Councils Irrigation equipment watering the trees.

Did you know:-

  • Essex is one of the driest county’s in the UK and yearly rainfall is often lower than hot places in the Middle East like Jerusalem and Beirut
  • an established tree can support well over 280 species of insects