The Chelmsford district is home to five rivers. Two of them, the Chelmer and the Can are iconic landmarks of our City Centre, and it’s important to keep them clean.

On Saturday 8th June, local residents and community groups united for the shared goals of removing foreign items from our waterways, have some fun and get our steps in!

Divers looked to take from the riverbed when not waving their hammers. Paddlers launched into action to support on the water’s surface, whilst a colony of volunteers sporting yellow-jackets picked their way through the litter-chain from double A batteries to beverage cans, a clothes dryer, traffic cones, a chair, the usual trolleys and bedding, and the not-so-usual car engine.

Wildlife are appreciate our cleaning efforts, and we’re sure those that reside on the water are too, as well and the many people who come to visit Chelmsford. It’s a real team effort with our special thanks to enthusiastic volunteers, Supsect Paddleboarders, Chelmsford Scuba Diving Club, Chelmsford Litter Wombles, Chelmsford Canoe Club and BB’s Coffee and Muffin Cafe who we partnered with to help replenish lost energy with a well-deserved treat.

Please view our video and we hope to see you next year.