Have you ever heard a cat-like call but there wasn’t a cat to be found? If you’d looked up you might have seen a buzzard.
This is the #1 most common bird of prey in the UK – and proudly so after an incredible comeback! Before 1970 their population was in decline, then legal protection and reduction of pesticides helped their numbers soar – as they do in our skies.
That is where you’re most likely to see them: hovering high above an open space, searching for their next meal. Look out for the signature V-shape formation of their wings. If you see them over an urban area, that means we have plenty of green spaces in our district. Buzzards need both open green spaces to hunt in and sheltered woodlands to nest in – such as Hylands Park, whose woods are home to three of these impressive birds.
The lovely two pictured here were rescued by the owl and birds of prey rescuer working with our Parks team. The male is ready to be ringed and released already!
Fun fact:
To impress potential mates, male buzzards perform a skilful aerial display nicknamed the “rollercoaster”, where they soar up high then swoop down low in a repeating pattern.