This year our parks team have been working with an owl and birds of prey rescuer for advice about how to help the beautiful range of birds we have across Chelmsford thrive.
Owls are one of the creatures that are most heavily impacted by climate change here in the UK, with weather extremes making it especially hard for them to survive, feed and breed. Giving birds like owls access to food right across the district is just one of the reasons we’ve been managing our land differently and giving the nature on our doorsteps some #SpaceToThrive.
Unusual shifts in seasons like we’ve seen these past months can also make eggs hatch early. Such as one rescue: little Jordan 2.0, a fluffy barn owl and sadly the only survivor of his siblings. He is being carefully looked after (and getting all cosy with his teddies) with the hope of eventually releasing him back into his territory.
We’re lucky to home a lot of barn owls in Chelmsford, so what should you do if you come across one in distress?
Inform an owl rescuer, noting the bird’s location.
Approach nice and calmly.
Lift the bird with a towel, covering their eyes to scare them less.
Place them in a well ventilated box in a quiet, warm, dark place.
Do not feed them.