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Climate and Ecological Emergency

On 16 July 2019 Chelmsford City Council declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency with a commitment to take action to make the Council’s activities net-zero carbon by 2030. The Declaration also expressed an ambition to create a ‘Climate Change Partnership’ where everyone – residents, community organisations and businesses – are encouraged to take responsibility for, get involved in and to work together to shape and contribute to a more sustainable future for Chelmsford and surrounding areas.

On 28 January 2020 the Council agreed a Climate and Ecological Emergency Action Plan with an initial focus on fifteen key areas of activity, principally aimed at reducing carbon emissions, lowering energy consumption, reducing waste and pollution, improving air quality, greening Chelmsford, increasing biodiversity and encouraging more sustainable travel choices.


Love Your Chelmsford

Love your Chelmsford is a point of reference for ‘all things green’ in Chelmsford; providing inspiration, advice, options and opportunities to access a programme of activities and events, to get actively involved in helping to address the Climate and Ecological Emergency and meet the carbon reduction challenges for the area.

Whether planning a visit to explore your local green space or looking for suggestions as to how to make ‘green life-style’ changes, ‘Love Your Chelmsford’ encourages you to take direct responsibility and make a real difference in tackling the Climate and Ecological Emergency by choosing to live and work in a more environmentally responsible way for the benefit of current and future generations.