Bread Pudding is a classic sweet snack that can be traced back for centuries. It embodies the philosophy of making use of food that would otherwise be thrown away.

You can use stale bread straight from the bag, or if you only have a few slices of stale bread, you can stock up on them in the freezer until you have enough to make this delicious bread pudding. Of course, you can make an even fancier version with eggs, milk, and golden syrup. However, apart from the bread, everything else in this recipe is relies on ingredients that have a long shelf life, and don’t require refrigeration: tap water, granulated sugar, dried fruits. I do use butter, however even that could be substituted for shortening, as that has an even longer shelf life.

This recipe was taught to me mother and has been a staple at my home for many years, as well as being one of the first to go at the cricket teas! This was originally my Nans recipe and it sings back to a time of when precious foods were rationed and people had to be creative in how food was used and saved. A mentality that we would do well to replicate to make our cooking more sustainable.