Hard to Recycle Item Collection Points

Although Chelmsford City Council aims to offer a comprehensive kerbside recycling collection service, unfortunately some products and packaging are designed in such a way that they are far too costly or complex to recycle on a city-wide scale.

Thankfully there are ways around this to help our most dedicated recyclers ensure as much of their waste as possible is recycled. Across the borough Terracycle collection points have been set up (often by members of the community) to allow you to recycle things like crisps packets, batteries, face masks and much more.

Simply click on the ‘filter by’ drop down menu to select an item you’d like to recycle and then click ‘search’.

Terracycle waste box PPE
Filter by

We are continually looking to get more of these points set up across the borough in supermarkets, libraries, school receptions, parish offices, village halls or any other buildings with public access. If you are interested in setting up a collection point on behalf of a location like this, check out the Terracycle Free Recycling Programme webpage.


We keep this page as up to date as we can however if there are new or removed locations please contact us and let us know.